Logical (Puzzles) online games

Logic is an integral part of a person and it can be developed not only by complex tasks, but also by playing online on zumbika, with us you will find games of mahjong, balls, lines, chess and much more that will help develop logic for you and your children!

A couple of words about logical games

Logic games are relaxing and sometimes tantalizing games in which players need to combine different things and solve puzzles before progress in the game. The variety of games for children , and for where you need to apply the logic on the Internet simply tremendously, and only Zoombik offers you one of the best assemblies of new and classic online puzzles, including logical ones, 99 balls & nbsp ;, free games with hidden predets that you have to find, puzzles and much more.

Why are puzzles so popular?

Puzzles have gained popularity for many years and before computer technology was even something. Puzzles - the most popular type of smart games and older than you think. Did you know that about 1760 engravers from London carved out fragments of cards that people had to collect later to Online Chess Game

And until today they remain successful, and every toy store around the world, including large online stores, offers a variety of different puzzles. But you had the best opportunity, you can play some of them online on your computer, for example in Fireflies . & Nbsp In this game you have to open the way to the fireflies to the balls to illuminate the dark night! A large number of games on the site allows you to find your favorite game for each person!

Have fun with the use

Compared to other games, you really need to focus and concentrate to master logical games Game Cut the rope: Travel in time (Сut the Rope) online The solution may not always be obvious, but it only means that you need to try, activate your brain parts to solve a big puzzle. Especially classic board games that you can play for free without registration, This is a good brain training for young and old players. Logic games will help your children stay calm and focused and help them in their spiritual development, playing both with the PC and with the phone (android).

Forward only

Do not be sad if you can not find a solution for the first time. Try rethinking your game Game 99 balls (99 balls) online and clean your head to find the right items. Loss of result or stuck completely normal vision in logic games even for children 7 years old! ! Our main task is to make these games funny and smart for you (an example is the game "Leaving the room")! Before you start your journey in the virtual world, take a friend, because we have and You can check the controls in the description window. Most games are played in Russian, to control you only need a mouse or touch the screen on your Android device or iphone.

The purpose of crosswords

Crosswords are often found in magazines and in most newspapers from your daily life. You have to guess the right words and fill them with a grid. The goal of the game is to find the word of the solution. To do this, you first need to guess the correct words.

We have compiled the best Logical (Puzzles) games

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